Ana Ivasiuc

Postdoc im Teilprojekt A07 - Herausbildung der Roma- Minderheit


Since May 2014Post Doc researcher SFB/TRR 138
2011 -
PhD, National School for Political Science and Public
Administration, Bucharest, Romania, coordinator: Vintila Mihailescu.
Title of the dissertation: Empowering the Roma. Lessons from the
Development Practice
2008 -
Researcher & Research Coordinator, "Impreuna" Agency for
Community Development, Bucharest, Romania
2004 -
Master of Arts in Social Sciences, Migration and Interethnic
Relations, URMIS, University Paris VII Denis Diderot, Paris, France
1999 -
BA & MA in Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology,
University of Leiden, The Netherlands


Roma minority

development anthropology


interethnic relations


Roma minority

social inclusion policies for the Roma in Europe

social change



Member of the European Academic Network of Romani Studies, founded by  the Council of Europe and the European Union

Member of the Center of Resources, Documentation and Research on Roma Issues within the National School for Political Science and Public Administration, Bucharest, Romania

Member of the Association of Cultural and Social Anthropologists, Romania



/”Noi suntem cei mai meseriași”. //Construcții identitare ale meșteșugarilor romi//(”We are the best”. Identity constructions of Roma craftsmen)/, in//Iancu B. (ed.), /The material culture (re)turn in anthropology: promises and dead-ends/. Works of the 8th annual conference of the Romanian Society of Cultural Anthropology, Bucharest, September 22th-25^th 2011, Bucharest, Humanitas, digital edition 2013, pp. 241-267. (in Romanian)

Empowerment: Easier Said than Measured, in /Revista de Asistenta Sociala (Journal of Social Work)/ nr. 3/2013


*/Roma Inclusion Policies in EU Member States/*, European Institute of
Romania, 2014, in Romanian, summary in English

*/One School for All?/*/the Access of Roma Children to a Quality
Education/, 2010, Vanemonde, UNICEF, Bucharest (in Romanian, translated
to English)

*/Strategia de îmbunătăţire a situaţiei romilor – vocea comunităţilor
/*/(The Strategy for Improving the Situation of Roma – the Voice of the
Communities)/– February 2010, Expert, Bucharest (in Romanian)


*/Romii din Romania: de la țap ispășitor la motor de dezvoltare (The
Roma of Romania: From Scapegoat to Development Engine)/*(coord.), 2013,
Impreuna, Romania (in Romanian, translated to English)

Dr. Ana Ivasiuc
SFB/TRR 138 "Dynamiken der Sicherheit", Teilprojekt A07

Justus Liebig University
Institut für Politikwissenschaft
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SFB/TRR 138 “Dynamics of Security”
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